Video: Transatlantic JV, Video III
Video 3 recaps the events that led to MEC Grievance 15-01 and the continuing decline of Delta’s share of Transatlantic flying since signing C2015 (TA2) reaching a new low of 46.5% in 2019.
MEC Communications Committee member F/O Reed Donoghue recently sat down with Scope Compliance & Analysis Committee Chairman Capt. George Strehlow to talk about scope our PWA and its history and requirements for the Transatlantic JV.
This is the final video in this three-part series where we explore the history of the transatlantic JV and Delta Pilots ever declining share of JV flying.



Transatlantic JV
See the 10 year decline of Delta’s share of flying in the Transatlantic JV and how it reached a new low of 46.5% in 2019.