Engage Podcast

Engage is a podcast produced by the Delta Air Lines ALPA Master Executive Council Communications Committee. The select episodes below are specifically focused on scope.
You can find all Engage podcast episodes
on Spotify and iTunes and the DAL MEC website. Stay tuned for more!

Season 1 Episode 8 -- Scope is Dope: How it Affects Everyone & the Need for a global Scope Agreement

Dots on a Map Podcast

Dots on a Map is a scope-focused podcast, produced by the Delta MEC.

This podcast series dives into several essential topics including code sharing, joint ventures and more. Learn more about why Section 1 of the PWA is so important, the history behind these business partnerships, and the challenges joint ventures present in our careers. In Season 1, Brent Allen, C44 Chairman and former Scope Compliance and Analysis Committee Chairman, and guests, talk in detail during these 10- to 15-minute episodes.

All episodes of Dots on a Map are available on iTunes and the DAL Scope website. Stay tuned for more!

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