A “codeshare” is a business arrangement where two or more airlines share the same flight. Sharing, in this sense, means that each airline publishes and markets the flight under its own airline designator and flight number as part of its published timetable or schedule; a seat can be purchased on each airline’s designator and flight number, but is operated by only one of these cooperating airlines. The current PWA limits passenger numbers but has no say in agreement decisions. Codeshares allow Delta customers to book a single flight to their destination, even if Delta doesn’t serve the destination or have an available flight (and vice versa with our partners). For example, if a passenger wants to book a flight from Dothan, Alabama to Mumbai, India, they can visit delta.com and book the flight. However, in this example Delta doesn’t actually operate a single leg of the flight (through the DTH-ATL flight is operated by a regional partner under the Delta brand; regional partners aren’t codeshares): Codeshares are good for passengers and can be good for Delta employees as well because these partnerships are often reciprocal. When Delta sends as many passengers to KLM as KLM sends to Delta, it benefits all partners involved.