Statement of Unity:
Contract Amendable Date

December 31, 2019

Fellow Delta Pilots,

At midnight we will reach the amendable date of our contract, a milestone that will pass without a new agreement in place. Nearly nine months have passed since ALPA and the Company exchanged openers for Contract 2019. In honoring the bottom-up philosophy of our union, our comprehensive opener focused on the “Four Pillars” of our contract: scope, compensation, retirement/insurance, and quality of life. Through extensive surveys, polling and direct input to your elected representatives, the Delta pilots’ collective voice made it clear that you expect significant gains in all of these areas. We’ve heard you, and we’re determined to secure the right contract rather than one based on arbitrary time pressures.

We should all be proud of our collective efforts that have contributed to the tremendous success of Delta Air Lines. The Delta pilots have led the way as our Company has repeatedly registered remarkable profitability on a sustained basis. Delta is poised to announce its fifth consecutive year of generating profits north of $5 billion and continues to dominate the industry in nearly every financial and operational metric.

Our Pilot Working Agreement should reflect that industry-leading performance, and no longer lag our peers on issues like retirement, vacation, health insurance benefits, and deadhead seating. We are committed to bringing you an agreement that eliminates bankruptcy-era remnants that are completely out of place in the present environment. This agreement must recognize your sacrifices as well as your contributions to our collective success going forward. Delta has proven a willingness to invest billions in foreign airlines and stock buybacks, and now is the time for Delta to invest in the pilots who make the “Delta Difference” happen. Management will not be rewarded by efforts to prolong this negotiation. Consistent with our opener, a pre-requisite to any agreement will be retroactive pay to the amendable date.

As our efforts in collective bargaining continue, understand that our strength in this endeavor depends on the solidarity and resolve of our membership. It is time to stand shoulder to shoulder, in unity and with unwavering resolve, as we work to secure the contract we have earned. Be prepared to invest your time and effort into achieving this working agreement, and ensure your family is prepared for any eventuality. This is our contract, our families’ futures, and our airline.

The Delta Master Executive Council reaffirms its unanimous endorsement and support of our Negotiating Committee as they continue their work to secure a new Pilot Working Agreement the Delta pilots will be proud of.

In Unity,

Delta Master Executive CouncilĀ 

schnitzlersig.PNG?r=1566238927196Capt Ryan Schnitzler
MEC Chairman
paynesig.PNG?r=1566238961259FO Jon Payne
MEC Vice Chairman
ambrosisig.PNGCapt Jason Ambrosi
MEC Secretary
bellsig.PNG?r=1566239006290Capt Tom Bell
MEC Treasurer
Capt Todd Kohner
C1 Chairman
Capt Dan Stowell
C1 Vice Chairman
FO Mike King
C1 Secretary-Treasurer
Capt Brian Kolbus
C16 Chairman
FO Steven Johnson
C16 Vice Chairman
Capt Hesham Aly
C16 Secretary-Treasurer
Capt Rich Wheeler
C20 Chairman
FO Darren Hartmann
C20 Vice Chairman
Capt Eric Nelson
C20 Secretary-Treasurer
allensig.PNG?r=1566238927196Capt Brent Allen
C44 Chairman
omahoneysig.PNG?r=1566238961259Capt Kevin O’Mahoney
C44 Vice Chairman
allenmsig.PNG?r=1566239006290FO Mark Allen
C44 FO Rep
FO Jay Cowieson
C44 Secretary-Treasurer
Capt Sam Mason
C48 Chairman
FO Mark Fischer
C48 Vice Chairman
Capt Keith Costo
C48 Secretary-Treasurer
Capt Mark Young
C54 Chairman
FO Rob Selmer
C54 Vice Chairman
Capt Dan Adams
C54 Secretary-Treasurer
Capt Tom Kramer
C66 Chairman
FO David Adler
C66 Vice Chairman
Capt Michael Kirk
C66 Secretary-Treasurer
Capt Peter Van Stee
C81 Chairman
Capt Rick Harper
C81 Vice Chairman
FO Tom Wilkinson
C81 Secretary-Treasurer
Capt Dave Talaber
C108 Chairman
FO Frank Brady
C108 Vice Chairman
FO Gregg Hurley
C108 Secretary-Treasurer and FO Rep-Elect
Capt Chad Smith
Negotiating Committeee Chairman
FO Eric Criswell
Negotiating Committee Member
FO Brandon Conwill
Neogotiating Committee Member

Air Line Pilots Association, International

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