April 15, 2019

Scope Violations on the Rise

Contracts are written to protect the parties in a business relationship and our Pilot Working Agreement (PWA) is no exception. Unfortunately, Delta has not been living up to its end of the bargain when it comes to certain scope provisions in our PWA as described in Section 1. Delta pilots are understandably concerned about the impact Delta’s partnerships and joint ventures with foreign carriers may have on our career progression.

Where we are:

  • 22 scope violations during this contract cycle, with more expected
  • Number of violations is increasing at an alarming rate year-over-year; the last violation was March 2019, putting us on pace to well-exceed 2018 violations
  • Delta pilots have received two apologies from Flight Operations management about scope violations
  • Despite the apologies, the Company has proposed zero solutions to ensure steps are taken to comply with our scope language

ALPA’s Response:

  • Numerous meetings with Delta over the last year to enforce the PWA and find solutions to the ongoing violations
  • The filing of multiple grievances:
    • Korean Air Joint Venture: Eight violations heard by the five-member System Board of Adjustment in February 2019; awaiting arbitrator’s ruling.
    • Aeroméxico Joint Venture: Three violations heard by the five-member System Board in March 2019; awaiting arbitrator’s ruling. ALPA has also grieved new Aeroméxico-related violations that occurred in December 2018 and January 2019.

ALPA is scheduled to meet with the Company to discuss scope later this month, and we hope management comes prepared to seriously address these ongoing violations and find solutions to prevent more violations from occurring. Visit the newly updated website – a one-stop shop for violation tracking, fleet comparisons with our peers and podcasts about joint ventures, Delta’s partnerships and much more. We will keep you informed of how talks with the Company proceed.


This MEC Alert is a product of the Delta MEC Administration and the MEC Scope Compliance & Analysis Committee.


Air Line Pilots Association, International