Fellow Delta pilots, 
Last week, the Scope Compliance & Analysis Committee informed the MEC Administration of a violation of 
Section 1 E.8. of the PWA with respect to Pacific network flying and the Korean Air/Delta joint venture.

Section 1 E.8. requires that after entering into a profit/loss sharing agreement (JV), “Company flyingbetween the United States and the home country of such foreign air carrier as well as any country to which such foreign air carrier operates nonstop from the United States will, in each rolling three month period, beno less than the Company’s scheduled block hours of Company flying between the United States and anysuch country in the same three months of the twelve-month period prior to the month in which suchagreement first became effective.”

  • The Korean Air/Delta JV went into effect on May 1, 2018

  • Section 1 E.8. compliance under the Korean/Delta JV was measured for the first time at the end of July (covering the May/June/July measurement period)

  • Delta’s block hours between the US and Korea appear to be in compliance with Section 1 E.8.

  • Delta’s block hours between the US and Japan, which must also comply with Section 1 E.8., are out of compliance for the JV’s first two three-month measurement periods

  • Delta’s US-Japan flying for each of those measurement periods appears to be deficient by approximately 2000 block hours

  • A deficiency of that magnitude equates to the loss of roughly one long-haul Delta widebody round-trip per day

  • This violation is the fifth significant scope-related violation by the Company in less than a year, with even more occurances prior to that timeframe

    While Delta management’s acknowledgment of this continuing violation is a start, it is essential that action is taken to promptly remedy this ongoing violation. The Company has communicated a willingness to meet with the Association to determine an acceptable solution. If a solution that addresses the concerns of the Delta MEC and the pilot group is not reached, it will become necessary to pursue this violation via the grievance-arbitration process.

    As this MEC and MEC leadership have repeatedly asserted, defending scope provisions and maintaining and increasing international flying for Delta pilots is a core part of our responsibility to define and protect ourjobs. While the Company’s stated plan to increase indigenous Delta international flying is certainlywelcome, these continuing ― and escalating ― incursions into our scope protections are increasingly problematic. We will keep you updated on this important issue.

    In solidarity,

    Bill Bartels, Chairman
    Delta Master Executive Council

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