Learn more about the WestJet joint venture. Every joint venture, code share, and ownership stake is unique. Learn more about what makes this relationship different from others. This page reviews the fundamentals surrounding the WestJet JV, including route structure and other important facts. In addition, this page discusses the timeline involved in this agreement, highlighting various milestones.


  •  Preliminary MOU regarding intention to form a JV
  • Delta and WestJet sign a definitive agreement to create a trans-border joint venture.

JV Fundamentals

  • Second largest airline in Canada
  • Encore is WestJet’s wholly owned regional subsidiary
  • Swoop is WestJet’s wholly owned ultra-low-cost carrier
    • Scheduled to start flying in summer 2018
    • Swoop will fly high density 737-800 aircraft

More about WestJet


Delta Scope “Avalanche” covered by Forbes

Forbes article covers Delta pilots’ scope concerns…

WestJet DOT filing

The Delta Air Lines MEC filed comments with the DOT asking for conditions placed on Delta’s proposed joint venture (JV) with WestJet to ensure that the deal benefits U.S. aviation workers.

Chairmans Letter, Thanksgiving

In his Thanksgiving letter, MEC Chairman Ryan Schnitzler lauds the DOTs ruling on the Blue Skies JV adding a labor provision protecting US- pilot jobs.