Delta vs JV & Delta Ownership Premium Wide Body Fleet

Source: (as of December 31, 2019) Notes: Premium Wide Body defined as all variants of A380, A350, A340, 747, 777, 787 and A330-900NEO

Fewest Premium Wide Bodies Among US Legacy Carriers

  • All three US legacy carriers have signed Transatlantic & Transpacific JVs.

  • Between United & American, Delta has the fewest Premium Wide Bodies.

  • Compared to the JV Partners of United & American, Delta’s JV Partners have a much larger share of Premium Wide Bodies.

  • Only the 777 and the A350 pay our top rate. Thats why we excluded other Delta fleets from the comparison. We fall way short for the same aircraft types when compared to our peers at United and American. The top of their pay pyramid is simply much broader and more pilots are at that top rate compared with how things are at Delta.


Premium Wide Bodies Delta, United, American & JV Partners

Source: CAPA Fleets (includes aircraft classified as ‘In Service’ on December 31, 2018) Notes: Premium Wide Body defined as all variants of A380 A350 A340, 747 777 787