Note: GOL is not a JV partner, nor has a JV partnership been announced.

Learn more about the GOL partnership. Every joint venture, code share, and ownership stake is unique. Learn more about what makes this relationship different from others. This page reviews the fundamentals surrounding the partnership, including route structure and other important facts. In addition, this page discusses the timeline involved in this agreement, highlighting various milestones.


  • Reciprocal frequent flyer program implementation
  • One-Way codeshare agreement
  • Alliance announced between Delta and GOL
  • Delta receives a seat on GOL Board of Directors
  • Delta and GOL agree to extend term of strategic and commercial agreements

  • Brazil’s Senate approved an Open Skies agreement with the US
  • Open Skies agreement is necessary for the US DOT to approve a JV

JV Fundamentals

  • Delta has invested $100 million in GOL and has a 9% ownership stake
  • Brazil is the largest economy in South America
  • GOL is South America’s largest low cost carrier and the second largest carrier by passengers carried
  • GOL aircraft carry the Delta logo on their bulkheads and fuselage
  • GOL code on Delta to 37 destinations in North America
  • Delta code on GOL to 33 destinations in South America
  • GOL will start flying routes from Fortaleza and Brasilia to Miami and Orlando in November 2018 with their 737 MAX aircraft
  • Orlando-Brasilia will be the longest commercial 737 route in the world


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Ownership and Seats on the Board

Delta’s ownership stake in another airline may or may not come with seat(s) on the board of directors for that airline. A seat on the board is a significant opportunity for Delta to provide input into how that airline conducts its business. Delta’s voice...